Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

  • 5 Must Have Amenities For Senior Assisted Living Facilities

    When you are making the decision to move to an assisted living facility, the choices are overwhelming. Selecting the right community is a matter of choosing amenities that can accommodate your current and future needs, while maintaining your independence. Escalating Levels of Care Many communities have facilities for multiple levels of care on the same property. Although you hope that you will not need routine care, having the option available provides an additional layer of comfort.

  • Could Wine Help You Avoid Dental Fillings?

    For many Americans, wine is now the alcoholic drink of choice. According to a 2013 survey, 35 percent of alcohol drinkers choose wine more than any other beverage, compared to 36 percent of people who chose beer as their preferred option. Americans consume more than 320 million cases of wine each year, so it's important to understand more about the benefits and risk these drinks can bring. Learn more about the effects that red and white wine can have on your teeth, and find out if your favorite tipple could also increase the likelihood of a visit to the dentist.

  • Foot Pain Or Numbness? You May Have Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

    If you've recently begun to notice a numbness, tingling, or sharp pain in one or both feet, you may suspect plantar fasciitis (a condition causing pain and inflammation in your heel) or even plantar warts. However, your symptoms could be stemming from an increasingly common disorder called tarsal tunnel syndrome. Read on to learn more about this syndrome, as well as what you can do to permanently alleviate the pain and numbness you're experiencing.

  • Back Fusion Surgery And Mental Health Problems: What Patients Need To Know

    According to the severity and nature of your back pain, a doctor may recommend several treatment options. Medication and physical therapy can often ease the symptoms, but some patients need to have surgery to deal with more serious issues. Spinal fusion surgery is a complex procedure with a relatively long recovery time, and patients may need to deal with different side effects and complications. Learn more about the link between back fusion surgery and mental health, and find out what you need to do to make sure you allow your body and your mind to heal from this complex procedure.

  • Seven Tools To Amp Up Your Chiropractic Care

    If you seek alternative care for musculoskeletal pain or injury, you may find chiropractic manipulation or therapy can help. Your chiropractor may manipulate your affected joints through massage or with the use of various chiropractic tools. You may find these tools to be beneficial when used as a follow-up treatment at home, or at a health care facility. With your doctor's approval, you might want to consider using the following tools to complement your treatment:

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    Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

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