Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

5 Must Have Amenities For Senior Assisted Living Facilities

Edward Payne

When you are making the decision to move to an assisted living facility, the choices are overwhelming. Selecting the right community is a matter of choosing amenities that can accommodate your current and future needs, while maintaining your independence.

Escalating Levels of Care

Many communities have facilities for multiple levels of care on the same property. Although you hope that you will not need routine care, having the option available provides an additional layer of comfort. If your needs change, you will not need to move away from any friends you have acquired while living at the community. Some assisted living facilities offer shared living spaces, if you have a spouse or significant other. If you are currently in a relationship, both you and your partner can continue to live together, even if you have different care needs.


If you drive, you must consider other options for transportation. You may experience car trouble or you reach a point where you are unable to drive. The availability of transportation is different for each community. Find a community that offers transportation beyond help for medical appointments. You should have the option to shop or visit friends on any day of the week. If the community does not have their own transportation, look for communities that work closely with local mass transit or community agencies.

Laundry Facilities

Assisted living facilities typically have on-site laundry facilities, but you will want an apartment with a washer and dryer or hookups to have your own appliances installed. If you have limited mobility, you can avoid the inconvenience of traveling to the community laundry facility or only being able to wash clothes at specific times. Ask if there are employees who are able to assist with tasks, such as laundry, if you ever have difficulty doing your own laundry.

Medical Alerts and Security Features

Easy accessibility to medical help and additional security features are what separates assisted living from a traditional apartment. Unfortunately, scammers often target seniors, and you want to have the best protection for yourself. Someone should monitor the front desk at all hours to prevent unauthorized access and in the event of an emergency. There should be other safeguards in place to prevent unauthorized entry into the building, such as identification cards or keypad access codes.

If friends and family need to go through security checks to visit, unwanted guests will have a difficult time entering the building. Having an emergency button in the bathroom and in other locations throughout the apartment is an important feature in an emergency. If you can press the button, someone at the front desk will know exactly which resident needs help. Since it is not uncommon for residents to need devices that require electricity or have medications that require refrigeration, click here for more info on options and look for facilities that have backup generators in place if the electricity goes out.

Community Rooms And Dining Facilities

The ability to interact with other residents and your guests can make transitioning to an assisted living facility seem less intimidating. Choose a facility that takes the extra step to provide community activities for residents, and encourages interaction. Many facilities have gazebos or other outside seating to allow residents to enjoy nice days comfortably.

Easy access to dining facilities can reduce accidents or fire hazards if you experience mobility limitations or forgetfulness. Some seniors may resort to eating unhealthy convenience foods, which can make any underlying health conditions worse. By selecting a facility that offers dining options, you can rest assured that freshly cooked meals will be available if you need them.

Finding the right assisted living facility is more complicated than moving to a new apartment or house. Looking for the right amenities and asking appropriate questions before making a decision can help you feel confident in your choice.


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