Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

Understanding The Facts About Colonoscopies

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A colonoscopy is a routine medical procedure for identifying colon cancer as well as a variety of other concerns. Despite the widespread application of this procedure, it is widely misunderstood. Unfortunately, misinformation and confusion can prevent people from having the procedure when it is beneficial. Here are a few key facts that you need to consider before you dismiss your doctor's recommendation for a colonoscopy.

The Procedure Is Not Uncomfortable

One of the biggest misconceptions about a colonoscopy is that the procedure itself is painful or uncomfortable. The fact is that you will receive a sedative before the procedure happens for your own comfort, and the entire process will be finished within about a half hour. You won't experience any significant discomfort.

You may have some mild cramping or abdominal pressure after the procedure is finished, and you'll need someone to drive you home because of the sedation, but you can get back to your normal routine the following day.

The Preparation Is Not A Miserable Process

Another thing that often discourages people from getting the colonoscopy that they need is a concern about the preparation process. You will have to flush out your colon before the procedure, which means some episodes of diarrhea. However, the preparation process is easier now than it used to be with split-dose preparation as well.

Colon Cancer Doesn't Show Symptoms In The Early Stages

Some people believe that colonoscopies are not necessary until they start to see symptoms of colon cancer. The fact is that by the time anyone sees symptoms of colon cancer, the disease has spread too far to be treatable. In the early stages, colon cancer does not show any symptoms at all. Colonoscopies are the best screening process for detecting colon cancer in its earliest stages.

Colonoscopies Are More Than Just Screening Tools

Don't dismiss a colonoscopy because you feel like it is just a screening tool and not beneficial. The fact is that a colonoscopy is an all-encompassing option because it not only provides screening for colon cancer, but it also allows for the identification and removal of polyps and other abnormalities. 

These are just a few of the things that you need to understand when it comes to colonoscopy treatment. Talk with your doctor about the benefits of colonoscopy and schedule the test that you need today. The more proactive you are about your medical care, including preventative care, the better it is for your health.

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