Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

4 Benefits Of Compounded Transdermal Pet Medication

Edward Payne

If you have a sick pet, there is a good chance you will have to give them some type of medication. While some pets take their medications willingly, others struggle to swallow them when they are in pill form. No matter how you attempt to disguise it, they manage to spit it out or avoid it altogether. There is a way you can get medications into your pet without any difficulty. A compounding pharmacy may be able to create a transdermal form of the medication. Not only will this make the delivery much easier for you and your pet, but transdermal delivery of compounded pet medication also offers additional benefits. 

1.  Medication Is Absorbed Directly Into Your Pet's Tissues

When the pharmacist compounds a medication for transdermal delivery, they create a gel or cream that can be applied and delivered through your pet's skin. Transdermal delivery is often done by rubbing the medication into your pet's inner ear where the skin is the thinnest and there is very little hair. This location also keeps your pet from licking or rubbing the medication off before it can take effect.

The medication can also be applied directly to the site of the injury or disease. This allows you to achieve higher levels of medication in their tissues without having elevated levels in their bloodstreams. 

Transdermal administration can be beneficial especially when your pet may already have intestinal or liver issues. By not administrating the drugs orally, it keeps your pet from having gastrointestinal (GI) issues or elevated liver levels.

2.  Less of the Medication Is Required

Compounded pet medications given through transdermal methods usually require a smaller dosage of the medication to get the same therapeutic levels. This is because the drug does not have to travel through your pet's gut or be metabolized by their liver. 

Transdermal delivery also helps to ensure your pet gets the dosage they are prescribed. You don't have to worry about them spitting it out when you are not looking.

3.  Have a Greater Window for Application

Most medications tell you exactly when they have to be taken during the day. They may come with instructions to take them before or after a meal or to ensure that they are taken with food. This is often because some medications suffer from a food effect. The drug is impacted by what foods are present at the time they are taken.

When a medication is given through transdermal applications, there is no food effect to worry about. This means that the medication can be applied without having to worry about what is being consumed before or after its application.

4.  Medications Can Be Combined

Because compounded pet medications are developed specifically for your pet, your pharmacist may be able to combine more than one drug into your transdermal delivery. For example, if your pet currently needs two separate creams applied for specific conditions, they may be able to be combined into one application.

This will mean you will be able to ensure your pet gets the medications they need in the least number of doses. This can mean less time wrangling your pet to get medications in them or on them and more quality time doing the things you two enjoy.

No matter what type of pet you own, getting medications in them can be challenging to say the least. Transdermal delivery will help you avoid this. Unfortunately, not every medication is eligible to be compounded into transdermal form, but as the compounding process continues to evolve, more will be. Your veterinarian will be able to assist you in choosing the ones that currently can. 


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