Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

Struggling With the Appearance of a Scar? Removal Options You Should Know

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If you suffered a serious injury and have been left with a scar, that scar can have a devastating effect on your self-esteem and confidence. While some scars will fade a bit over time, it can be difficult to handle when it still feels so visible to you. If you've been thinking about scar removal treatments, you might be wondering what your options are. Here's a look at a few different scar removal options you can consider.

Laser Removal

Much like with tattoo removal and other superficial laser therapy treatments, scars can be treated with laser therapy to drastically reduce or even eliminate their appearance. Short bursts of intense laser light are used to cause controlled damage to your skin cells, encouraging collagen production to heal the skin. 

This healing process can often eliminate the scar tissue that's been left behind from your injury, eliminating the scar that's bothering you. Laser therapy should be done in a doctor's office, and you should be sure to follow the post-treatment recommendations for recovery.


The process of exfoliation removes surface-level skin cells. When done in a doctor's office, a procedure called dermabrasion is an intense form of exfoliation. Skin cells are removed with the use of exfoliating products and sometimes are scraped away. This type of treatment stimulates your skin to heal itself, helping to eliminate the scar tissue.

Topical Scar Removal Gel

Topical creams or gels for scar removal are becoming increasingly popular. They don't require going to a doctor's office for treatment and can be purchased affordably and directly from home. You can also get prescription scar gel or cream from your doctor to help minimize scar development and appearance after the initial surgery. These gels typically contain silicones, which have been used for scar reduction treatments for many years. You simply apply the gel of your choice according to the product's directions, and you'll see a gradual reduction in your scar's appearance. 


Surgery is another option for eliminating scars, but it's typically only used in severe cases. If you have a significant scar that's drastically affecting your daily life, your doctor may recommend a surgical procedure, such as a skin graft, to help eliminate it. It's important to remember, though, that opting for surgery can sometimes leave you with scar tissue from the procedure, so you may still have a scar to deal with afterward, albeit a smaller and less noticeable one.

These are a few of the options available to you for scar removal. Don't let that troublesome scar leave you struggling with your own self-perception. Talk with your doctor today for more help and to see which scar treatment option may be the best choice for your situation.


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