Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

Ways To Care For A Child's Bicycle Chainring Injury

Edward Payne

Falling off a bicycle can be a rite of passage for children, and this means that once your child begins to ride a bike, he or she may suffer a scraped knee or elbow on occasion. While these injuries are important to take seriously, there are other injuries that can occur during a fall. One way that children can get hurt, especially on their lower bodies while wearing shorts, is for a leg to make contact with the bicycle's chainring. This circular device that is covered in points has the potential to slice or puncture a child's skin, especially during a collision at a high speed. Here are some wound care tips for a chainring injury.

Assess It Right Away

Chainring injuries are possible to treat yourself, but it's also possible that you may need the help of a medical professional. As soon as you learn of your child's bicycle accident and make contact with him or her, your first priority should be to assess the severity of the wound. If there appears to be a deep gash or puncture wound that is bleeding severely, you'll want to wrap the wound and get to your nearest urgent care clinic or hospital emergency room to receive proper care.

Apply Pressure Where Necessary

The sharp points of the bicycle chainring can penetrate your child's skin and result in bleeding. While heavy bleeding should necessitate a trip to a care facility, moderate bleeding may be present if the wound is minor. Applying pressure to these areas with a clean cloth will help to slow the bleeding. Once the wound is no longer bleeding as much, you can further assess its appearance to decide your next course of action.

Clean It Carefully

If your assessment indicates that the wound isn't very severe, you may decide to start to treat it yourself. Your next priority should be to get the wound clean as a way of eliminating bacteria that could lead to an infection. Using a damp cloth to gently wipe away any blood can help your child to feel calmer, as the presence of the blood may contribute to the child being upset. Soap and water can help you to wipe away any grease from the area, too. Grease is often common during chainring injuries, given the greasiness of this part. Removing the grease will allow you to better assess the wound and decide your next course of action.


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