Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

Hearing: Preserving This Vital Sense

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Birds tweeting, children laughing and instruments playing are some of the simplest joys in life. To fully enjoy them hearing is necessary, however, many take good hearing for granted. It's not until much later in life that people realize how much they did not care for that important sense. From going to overly loud concerts without earplugs to putting things where they don't belong make sure you are protecting yourself and use this preservation-related advice.

Use Over-Ear Headphones

As technology climbs up to new heights, it seems like personal headphones have gotten smaller and smaller. The most modern smartphones, now used in place of portable music players, often come with earbuds that fit into one's palm. This is convenient for carrying, and slipping the buds comfortably into the ear is easy. They don't even mess up hair. However, the buds do leave your ear open and receptive to other sounds. You may already realize that you're often listening to podcasts, music and news in an ever higher volume to drown out subway or bus sounds. That volume could be harmful. As an alternative, helping your ears with full, ear-encompassing headphones is recommended. With each ear fully covered volumes can stay lower and thus have less potential to damage your hearing.

Wear Plugs

It may seem like a low point in your efforts to be cool, but plugs are good for your personal health when you hit the big concert in town. You may imagine earplugs will dampen sound, but the high volume pumping through the facility should allow you to still enjoy the music. Earplugs are often used in construction or to help an individual fall asleep, but if you're someone who works around music, such as DJ or school band director, you may also want to regularly wear these devices to help preserve your hearing ability. 

Supplement with Magnesium

Just as eating vitamin A and other substances can improve vision, understand that dietary changes may also enhance and protect hearing. Consuming magnesium, for instance, has been researched and it seems to be helpful for the ear's hearing mechanism. Magnesium is usually found in most leafy dark-greens, although almonds and even chocolate have some too. Supplementing with drops or pills is possible; of course, your physician should be contacted about this. They'll advise healthy amounts for you to consume and monitor your body and magnesium levels periodically.

Your hearing, like your sight, should be tested regularly. An audiologist is the most qualified professional to administer appropriate tests and advise you about results. With their help, loss of hearing should be slow and minimal so you'll enjoy favorite sounds forever


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