Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

4 Things To Do After Being Diagnosed With Ledderhose Disease

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Ledderhose Disease is a rare condition that leads to the growth of nodules on the bottom of your feet, eventually leading to pain whenever walking or standing, and disability. While a Ledderhose Disease diagnosis can be a bit scary, it may also be reassuring to finally know the cause of your foot pain. Luckily, there are also things you can do to actively manage and treat the condition and minimize your discomfort. Here are four things to do after being diagnosed with Ledderhose Disease:

Switch to Comfortable Footwear

Wearing uncomfortable shoes can exacerbate your Ledderhose Disease symptoms, cause faster progression of the disease, and lead to unnecessary discomfort and pain. Making the switch to comfortable shoes with plenty of cushion and stability can have a positive impact on your quality of life and comfort level. Be sure to try on shoes in person to ensure the best fit, and consider adding gel or memory foam inserts to all of your shoes. Your podiatrist may be able to prescribe custom-fitted shoe inserts which will provide even more comfort and support.

Get Injections

A popular initial treatment for Ledderhose Disease is to receive medical injections in the bottom of your feet.  Cortisone and other types of injections can reduce the size of the nodules and reduce your pain at the same time. Most patients find they need to continue receiving the injections at regular intervals or else the nodules will continue to grow. Your podiatrist will be able to help determine if injections are appropriate for your specific needs.

Consider Surgery

For patients who do not respond well to the injections, surgery is often the next course of treatment. The surgery removes the actual nodules, allowing your feet to heal and become normal once again. Surgery tends to be quite effective, but you will need to be off of your feet for several weeks. Most patients recover with the help of a wheelchair, which can require advance planning and modification of your home to ensure accessibility.

Join a Support Group

Because Ledderhose Disease is so rare, patients often feel they have no one to talk to who understands their situation. For this reason, an active online support group has been formed for sufferers of Ledderhose Disease, as well as the related condition Dupuytren's Disease, which affects the hands. 

By following these tips and working closely with an expert like Dupuytren's Disease Support Group, you will be able to regain comfort and mobility after a Ledderhose Disease diagnosis.


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