Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

Tips For Improving Your Child's Eye Hand Coordination

Edward Payne

Eye hand coordination is a very important skill for your child to master due to the fact that it is needed for most major activities in life. From writing down a homework assignment to easily catching a ball, eye hand coordination allows your child to make his or her way through the world. However, your child might have a hard time with this skill. This could be due to just not practicing it enough, or it could be a result of a developmental disorder. Here are some tips for helping your child improve his or her eye hand coordinate.

1. Contact a Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Your first step is to get your child to a pediatric occupational therapist so that he or she can be adequately examined. This will allow you to figure out if your child has a developmental disability or if he or she is simply uncoordinated as a result of a lack of practice. If your child has a developmental disability, he or she will need professional intervention to fully develop his or her eye hand coordination, but you can still help at home.

2. Practice

Actively participate in your child's practicing of his or her eye hand coordination. Go outside and play catch with your child using a baseball and a baseball glove. Toss your child's stuffed animals around with him or her. Figure out fun ways to actively engage your child's eye hand coordination for large movements, as well as for small movements. If your child is older, consider having him or her enroll in a sport. Be sure that the level of competition for this sport is low so that your child does not get discouraged but is still able to have a good time.

If your child has a natural tendency to be uncoordinated, you may need to practice again with your child every time he or she goes through a growth spurt. This is because it will move his or her hands away from his or her body because his or her arms will get longer. This can make it harder for your child's eyes and hands to coordinate and can require more practice to get better.

For more information, talk about eye hand coordination issues that your child might be experiencing with your child's pediatrician. This will allow him or her to make sure that he is checking for coordination issues. He or she will also be able to refer you to an pediatric occupational therapist, like Kids Place Therapy Services, if need be.


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