Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

Urgent Care Or The Emergency Room: What's The Difference?

Edward Payne

If you find yourself in need of after-hours medical care, you may be wondering what exactly constitutes emergency care versus urgent care. Here is what you need to know before the next time you find yourself in that situation.

When Should You Go To The Emergency Room?

Anytime there is severe chest pain or difficulty breathing, especially if your arm also hurt or you have indigestion, could be a sign of a heart attack. You should actually call 911, and under no circumstance should you drive yourself to the hospital. But if this happens while you are out and about, this is definitely a cause for the emergency room, where lifesaving equipment is readily available.

A loss of consciousness or a seizure is also another case where the emergency room is your best bet. An urgent care facility isn't going to have the machine that will perform the computerized tomography (CT) scan that will likely be needed to see what is going on.

An infant under the age of three months who has a high fever or any other issues needs to be seen by an emergency room physician. Pregnant women should always go to an emergency room after-hours rather than the urgent care situation as any issue could potentially be dangerous for the baby. Accidental poisoning or drug overdoses, both in children and adults, should also be treated in the emergency room.

Broken bones, severe bleeding that won't stop, and bad burns are common in accidents as should be seen in the emergency room, as are any severe head, back, or neck injuries. Severe abdominal pain is also another example. Obviously, a gunshot or knife wound would also need to be treated in the emergency room as surgery is likely to be required. Lastly, if someone is suffering from suicidal or homicidal thoughts, the emergency room is the best option to get immediate help.

What Does An Urgent Care Center Handle?

An urgent medical condition is a condition that definitely requires medical attention, but doesn't have the potential to be life threatening like the things seen at an emergency room do. Treatment may also be delayed for a short time rather than being attended to immediately.

Sprains and strains, cuts that will likely require sutures, mild to moderate back pain, minor broken bones, such as a finger or toe, urinary tract infections, skin rashes, and common ailments, such as a bad cold, sinus infection, ear infection, or the flu can all be seen at an urgent care facility.


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