Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

Three Pet Allergy Myths To Ignore

Edward Payne

Around 10 percent of the population suffers from some form of pet allergy. While a common concern among many people, there are quite a number of myths circulating. These myths don't just increase the risk of an allergic reaction, but they can cause you to suffer in ways that you don't have to. If you or someone in your home suffers from pet allergies, it's important that you be able to decipher fact from fiction to keep them healthier.

Forced Exposure Helps

There is a common misconception that forcing yourself to be exposed to the specific pet allergy will help your body become immune to it, and therefore rid your allergy concerns. This is not the case. If you have a pet allergy, it doesn't matter how much exposure you have to the animal, your allergy concerns will continue.

This forced exposure only makes your experience worse because you will be left to deal with the symptoms. Additionally, for some people, this increased exposure can actually cause their reaction to become more intense.

Air-Purifiers Save The Day

Unfortunately, installing an air-purifier in your home will not resolve all your problems. However, they may help a little. If your pet allergies are mild enough that you can tolerate having the animal in your home, consider installing a high-performance purifier, but make sure you have realistic expectations.

These types of purifiers extract much of the airborne particles that are dispersed from pet dander. By removing some of these particles, this improves the level of air quality in the space. A purifier can help, but it won't eliminate your concerns.

Choosing The Right Breed Helps

Some people assume that choosing a cat or dog with a lower allergy risk, or that is labeled allergy-friendly or hypoallergenic, will help. This again is not the case. Every dog or cat, regardless of the breed, will produce some level of pet dander. For most people, this pet dander is what serves as the trigger for their allergic reaction.

Although an animal that falls within this category will produce less pet dander than an animal that is not pet-friendly, therefore easing your symptoms, the fact remains that you will still experience a reaction. If you're allergic, your best bet is just to simply steer clear.

Once you learn to separate fact from fiction, managing your pet allergies becomes an easier process. Your physician can answer any questions you have, or you can check out websites like http://www.oakbrookallergists.com for more information.


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