Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

5 Tips For Limiting The Side Effects Of Acne Treatment On Darker Skin Tones

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With the vast majority of people experiencing an acne breakout at least once in their lives, it's a universal problem that's treated with the same few dermatological solutions regardless of the patient. But if you're on the darker end of the skin tone spectrum, those treatments may come with side effects that linger after the pimples are gone. Keep your skin clear and even toned through the strongest acne treatments by talking to your dermatologist about these five tips.

Determine the Cause

For many patients, acne is simply due to hormones or a genetic pre-disposition. However, your hair care or beauty routine could be causing your breakouts or at least making them worse. Common causes of cosmetic-induced acne in people of color include

  • The use of cocoa butter and similar comedogenic moisturizers, which do soften skin but also clog pores and create pimples
  • Applying pomades and styling creams with heavy emollients in them, another pore clogging suspect
  • Using a pillow case more than one night without washing it, especially when sleeping after applying moisturizers or leave-in hair treatments.

Avoid Some Antibiotics

When you're struggling with severe acne, antibiotics help fight the tiny infections from the inside out. Yet not all antibiotics are completely safe for people of African descent. Minocycline in particular must be avoided, unless you've taken it before with no problems, because people with a genetic link to Africa can end up with a life-threatening allergic reaction. It's not worth risking your life to treat your acne when there are half a dozen other antibiotics available for the same purpose.

Use a Moisturizer

If skin oils and thick natural lotions like cocoa butter are causing your acne, it's tempting to stop moisturizing all together in an attempt to keep the surface of your skin clean and dry. This approach can backfire and increase the chances of flaking and peeling skin, scarring, and other problems when relying on topical acne treatments like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. You do need the skin softening and restoring effect of a moisturizer, but take the time to find an acne-safe product. The right product will be free of any oils, including natural ones, and must be labeled as non-comedogenic so you know it won't clog the pores.

Treat Hyperpigmentation Separately

Hyperpigmentation, or the development of lighter and darker spots where the acne heals, is the most common side effects of acne in people of color. This problem arises with both treated and untreated acne, so it's best to get the help of a dermatologist from the beginning to reduce the chances of unsightly spots. If you notice discoloration, don't let it discourage you from sticking to your treatment plan. The dermatologist has plenty of options, including lightening creams and skin-improving lasers, for restoring your even skin tone once the pimples and cysts are eliminated.

Don't Skimp or Overapply

Using too much treatment in the hopes of faster results increases the likelihood of scarring and hyperpigmentation, so stick to the routine prescribed by a dermatologist instead of taking your own route. On the flip side, using not enough acne cream or skipping face washing opportunities because you're busy also raises the chances of unwanted side effects because the acne eruptions heal too slowly. If you're experiencing pain or peeling because of the treatment, make an appointment with the dermatologist so they can adjust the plan while giving you the best chance at maintaining even skin coloration.

Seek out a dermatologist experienced in treating people of color if you're already experiencing hyperpigmentation and scarring even before you start a treatment plan. This ensures you can get immediate help with the other problems once your acne is under control instead of having to find a different professional for the rest of the skin repairs. Visit websites like http://desertdermatology.net/ for more information.


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