Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

Suffering From Photophobia? Treat It By Wearing The Right Type Of Glasses

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If your eyes hurt easily from light exposure, and if you suffer from headaches or migraines because of this, it is likely that you suffer from a condition known as photophobia. Photophobia can be a hard condition to live with, but you might be able to find some relief by purchasing a pair of specialty glasses designed for treating light sensitivity issues.

What Is Photophobia?

To understand photophobia, think about how your eyes feel if you get up in the middle of the night and turn on the bathroom light. You may instantly begin squinting your eyes because the light is so bright, and this might even cause some pain and irritation with your eyes. This example clearly illustrates what it can be like living with photophobia.

A person with photophobia will often have a very difficult time being outside, because of the sunlight, but people with this condition can also feel symptoms indoors. For some people, it takes only a small amount of light to feel the pain and sensitivity, and this can be hard to live with.

If you have photophobia, it might be caused by headaches you get or from an underlying illness of some kind. Photophobia is also more common with people that have light-colored eyes, simply because the eyes do not contain a lot of pigment. The pigment in the eyes may help filter out some of the light rays, which is why people with darker eyes are less likely to suffer from this.

Photophobia may be a result of the brain's inability to decipher levels of light, which is normally what happens. In a person with light sensitivity, the brain simply might not detect brightness like it should. In any case, this light sensitivity is known for leaving people with migraine headaches whenever they are exposed to a lot of light. Because everyone is different, the level of light that affects one person might be different than the amount needed to affect another person.

What Is The Best Way To Treat This?

If your doctor examines you and runs tests, he or she might be able to determine the cause of your photophobia. If not, you could always wear specialty glasses. These glasses come in different types, forms, and styles, but they are all designed to remove the brightness from light. In other words, these glasses can filter the light before it hits your eyes, and they will only allow certain parts of the light to come through the lenses. Here are some of the different options you could look into for treating your light sensitivity issues:

  • Sunglasses – If your eyes are only bothered when you are outside in direct sunlight, you could probably get by choosing a pair of sunglasses. You may want to find a pair that filters out UV rays, or you could talk to your eye doctor about getting the type of sunglasses patients receive after eye surgeries.
  • Light darkening glasses – Another option is choosing the type of glasses that have changeable lenses. These lenses adjust to the room or setting you are in. Whenever it is dark or semi-dark in a room, the lenses are relatively clear. When you move to a room or location that is bright, the lenses will automatically darken and adjust to the amount of light present.

These are two options you could look into, but there are others. The best thing to do is try out several different types before buying a pair. This will help you select a pair that protects your eyes, which will also help you eliminate the headaches you normally get from light exposure. To learn more, contact a business that sells light sensitive glasses.


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