Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

7 Different Types Of Ultrasounds You Can Choose From

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Although generally associated with viewing images of your future child, an ultrasound can be used for a wide array of processes. Everything from tracing the trajectory of blood flow in your veins to determine if there is a clot to seeing how much fluid your heart is pumping, an ultrasound is a well rounded piece of technology. Throughout this brief article, you will learn of the 7 different types of ultrasounds available.

Transvaginal Scan

If you or your partner have ever been pregnant, then chances are you or your partner have experienced a transvaginal scan. A transvaginal scan typically is applied during the early stages of pregnancy. During this process, specifically designed transducers are placed inside of the vagina to produce a frequency that will travel to the womb and allow you to see your future child. This is generally just used to appease the parents' desire to see an image of their future child.

Standard Ultrasounds

This is the most common form of ultrasound, as you could probably judge from the name, and it is the one that is the most associated with pregnancy. During a standard ultrasound, standard transducers are placed on the abdomen. Sound waves travel throughout the abdomen and into the womb, forming an image called a sonogram on a screen that gives you a fully, more realized image of the child in its formative stage.

Advanced Ultrasound

An advanced ultrasound is a process that is very much like the standard ultrasound in scope. However, an advanced ultrasound will use a specific set of transducers to locate the source of a specific problem. For example, if there is the belief that a blood clot has taken residence in a leg vein of a specific patient, the physician and ultrasound technician can make the call to use an ultrasound machine with specific transducers designed for such a possibility.

Doppler Ultrasound

Doppler ultrasound machines are, once again, much like standard ultrasound machines. However, they are much more conducive to capturing moving targets. The doppler effect makes it very well suited for such matters. Why would your physician needs to see a moving target within your body? First and foremost, if a doctor needs to see your blood flow, this is the perfect way for him or her to get an accurate scan.

3D Ultrasound

A 3D ultrasound is rarely a necessity, but it is something that is expecting parents really enjoy experiencing. Although rarely used in other forms of medical issues, 3D ultrasounds are becoming popular and even quite common among expecting parents. 3D ultrasounds allow parents to see a 3D construct of what their child looks like in the womb, giving them an up close and personal look at their baby to be.

Dynamic 3D Ultrasounds

A dynamic 3D ultrasound is of actual and sometimes necessary use by the doctor performing the delivery of a child. A dynamic 3D ultrasound, sometimes referred to as a 4D ultrasound, is able to not merely render an image of the child in 3D, but is able to render that child's movements as well. This way, a physician can tell of any potential damage to the child and can more accurately and safely deliver the baby.

Fetal Echocardiography

This is another form of ultrasound that goes beyond novelty and allows the doctor to pinpoint the manner in which the fetus' heart is beating. This is used for a variety of different reasons and it is best to consult your doctor regarding why he or she might want to perform such a procedure. Generally, the doctor wishes to test for any potential congenital heart defects.

A wide array of different types of ultrasounds as well as uses for them, are at your fingertips. Consult your physician or a place like EVDI Medical Imaging for more information regarding these procedures and processes.


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