Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

5 Reasons To Find A Compounding Pharmacy If You Suffer From A Rare Medical Condition

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Your doctor diagnosed you with a condition that affects only a few out of every million people, but thankfully there are medicines and treatments to help you manage or cure the problem. Before heading to your usual pharmacy with your prescriptions, consider filling them at a compound pharmacy instead. These rare, but valuable businesses offer five distinct benefits to the patient with an unusual medical condition.

Get Discontinued or Rarely Made Medicines

Almost all of the medications found at a typical pharmacy are shipped pre-made from the major drug manufacturers, including generic versions. This means that if a manufacturer stops making the drug you need because only a handful of people take it across the country, you are out of luck. Fortunately, the expertise of a compounding pharmacist allows them to recreate nearly any medication you need, whether it is currently available on the market or not.

This can also help you control your healthcare costs. Some rarely made medications come with triple digit price tags when purchased from a drug company because of importance or rarity rather than manufacturing costs, but a compounding pharmacy may be able to make the same formula for you without such a hefty price tag. If there is a shortage of a drug because many people are suddenly diagnosed with your condition, you can also rely on the compounding pharmacist to keep you supplied because he or she can order the raw materials.

Work Around Your Limits and Symptoms

Is your condition setting off your gag reflex and making it downright impossible to swallow even the smallest pills? Your pharmacist can help by reformulating the same ingredients into a liquid, cream, suppository or other delivery method. The person doing the compounding will check in with your doctor to see which delivery methods work best for your particular condition so a change in consistency doesn't affect the efficacy of the drug.

Enjoy Exact Dosages

The "one size fits all" mindset doesn't work so well with medication, yet most pharmacies only stock two or three different dosage options for each medication. Getting your dosage tailored to your medical conditions means you enjoy extra benefits.

  • Fairer pricing: Why pay for $80 worth of active ingredients when you only need to take $60 worth for the same effects?
  • Less hassle: Cutting pills in half or other smaller portions is difficult and messy and wastes doses that crumble up too much for accurate measurement.
  • Fewer side effects: Taking just the right amount of an active ingredient reduces the likelihood of nausea, headaches, and other side effects.
  • Easy adjustments: Graduated doses help you cut down to the minimum amount of medication that still manages your symptoms.

Take Multiple Treatments at Once

For many rare medical conditions, a patient ends up taking half a dozen or more different medications just to manage all the different symptoms. If your morning routine is getting ridiculous due to the number of pills or shots you take, talk to a compounding pharmacist about combining treatments. You may be able to take just a single pill, or a couple instead of a dozen, to get the same help with less work.

Avoid Allergies

Many unusual endocrine and immune system disorders also cause serious allergies and sensitivities to start up. Unfortunately, most pre-made medications are full of dyes, preservatives, and stabilizing additives like gluten. You may find that a lot of those troubling side effects you experience were actually allergies once you get a custom blend compounded that is free from any irritating ingredients.

Don't let the fact that your medical condition is rare discourage you from getting the medicine you need to manage it. Find a trustworthy partner that works with you and your doctor by visiting your local compounding pharmacist. You can look at this site to learn about the compounding pharmacy services in your area.  


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