Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

5 Common Mistakes That Make Orthodontics Cost More

Edward Payne

If your child needs orthodontic treatment, you may be concerned about the cost. You should make sure to avoid these five common mistakes that make orthodontics cost more over time. 

Starting Braces Too Early 

It is commonly recommended that children get an orthodontic screening by age seven. While an orthodontist may be able to tell you whether your child will need braces at their first screening, it does not mean that it is best to start their treatment right away. There are a few situations, such as an underbite, when a child needs to start treatment early. However, for many problems, early treatment is unnecessary, and it is likely that your child will have to repeat the orthodontic treatment when their permanent teeth come in. It is important that you discuss long term issues and treatment plans with your child's orthodontist. 

Another reason why early treatment can be costly, is that young children may be less responsible with the care of their teeth during and after braces. If you are paying for early treatment, it is important  you are diligent about reminding your child to brush, clean between their braces, and wear their retainer when it is appropriate. 

Neglecting Retainers 

Retainers are as important as braces during orthodontic treatment. However, because retainers are removable, many patients fail to wear them as often as their orthodontist recommends. Retainers help keep your child's teeth in the correct position after the braces come off. Often, your child will have to use a retainer for as long as they had braces, and sometimes longer, as the bone and gums adjust to no longer having the tension of the braces. 

If your child fails to wear their retainer, you they may have to undergo a second orthodontic treatment. 

Not Screening For Eruption of Wisdom Teeth 

Whether your child has had braces or not, the eruption of wisdom teeth can move the teeth. If your child has had braces already, it is important to regularly screen for movement of the wisdom teeth, and have them extracted before they erupt. If your child has not had braces, you may want to discuss waiting until after their wisdom teeth have been removed to begin orthodontic treatment. 

Failing to Enroll in Orthodontic Insurance 

Not all dental insurance includes orthodontic care, and some insurance carriers require you to be enrolled in your insurance plan for a minimum amount of time before they will cover orthodontic treatment. Additionally, it is important to note that very few insurance plans will cover orthodontic treatment that began before you enrolled in your plan. For this reason, you should take your child to an early screening and determine if you will need orthodontic insurance coverage. If you will, make sure you are enrolled in a plan well before your child needs orthodontic treatment. 

Orthodontic discount programs are becoming a popular alternative to orthodontic insurance. These programs give members discounts at approved orthodontists in exchange for a yearly membership fee. They will often cover treatment that is already in progress. 

Keeping Problems a Secret 

Children are often nervous about informing authority figures when something goes wrong that could be their fault. For this reason, your child may not tell you or their orthodontist if brackets fall off and need to be re-cemented or if they are experiencing discomfort or pain. They may be afraid that their treatment will last longer or cost more or they may not even be aware that there is an issue. It is important you regularly ask your child about the status of their braces and call your child's orthodontist immediately if there are problems. Failing to do so could keep your child in braces longer and increase your final bill. 

These common mistakes will not only cost you money, but can also keep your child in braces for longer and reduce the effectiveness of their treatment. You can also visit sites like http://www.reedorthodonticsnaples.com for more info.


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