Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

Allergic Rhinitis Complications - How To Avoid The Formation Of Polyps

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If you have seasonal allergies, then you likely use antihistamines, allergy drops, and nasal sprays to control the condition as effectively as possible. Sinus congestion and inflammation of the nose will still occur though when allergens come into contact with the sinus cavities. The inflammation causes a condition called allergic rhinitis.The constant swelling within the nose can lead to the formation of hard nodules called polyps. Polyps can obstruct the flow of oxygen through the nose and they can increase pressure and discomfort. You can try to prevent the polyps from occurring and a few good suggestions are outlined below.

Try to Avoid Unhealthy Fats

The fats that you eat throughout the week can both increase and eliminate inflammation across the body. Unhealthy fats can clog the arteries and increase the inflammatory response, so try to stay away from bad fats. Bad fats include saturated and trans fat varieties. Foods that contain these fats include potato chips, fried foods, crackers, margarine, and some store bought sweets. Some dairy products contain a good deal of saturated fat, so try to limit your consumption of heavy cheeses, cream, and ice cream too. You may want to stay away from dairy foods if you have a rhinitis condition anyway, because milk and cheese thickens mucus in the mouth and nose.

Omega 6 fatty acids are linked to inflammation as well. These fats are essential for good health, but you should try to reduce your consumption to keep allergic rhinitis and polyp formation at bay. Foods high in omega 6 fatty acids include vegetable oil, mayonnaise, seeds, and nuts.

Increase Consumption of Omega 3 fatty Acids

Healthy fats that help to reduce inflammation and keep polyps from forming include omega 3 fatty acids. These acids help to stop the body's natural inflammatory response so the nasal passages can remain clear and free of heavy mucus. Oysters, salmon, sardines, halibut, tuna, flaxseed oil, eggs, and soy all contain the healthy fats. Try to eat some foods with omega 3 fatty acids two or three times a week. Increase your intake or consider taking fish oil supplements if your allergic rhinitis symptoms flare up.

Avoid Allergens

One of the easiest ways to prevent polyps and reduce rhinitis symptoms is to avoid the substances you are allergic to. Most people with seasonal allergies are allergic to a variety of different pollens. Pollen is released by trees, flowers, grasses, and weeds throughout the spring, summer, and fall months. Plants release pollen at specific times, and it is easier to avoid allergens if you know when the allergic pollen is released into the air.

Make an appointment with your allergist to complete either a skin or blood test that will reveal the plants you are allergic to. Ask the allergist to create a list of the allergens for you. Once you have the list, refer to a pollen calendar or pollen alert chart every week to see if the allergic pollens are in the air. Try to avoid the outdoors during these times.

Be Careful Outside

It it likely impossible for you to stay indoors at all times when pollen is present outside. You can reduce your exposure though by waiting to go outside until after 10AM. Pollen counts are highest between 5AM and 10AM and they also increase around the time the sun sets.

If you cannot wait to go outside, then consider wearing a dust mask outdoors. Find a mask that contains a particulate filter and make sure the rating on the package says N95. This indicates that the mask protects you from about 95% of all dust and allergen particles. If you notice rhinitis inflammation when you wear the mask, then think about getting one with a P100 rating. The mask will filter out 100% of all allergens. Just be careful with these types of masks on warm days, because they will limit the amount of oxygen that can freely pass through the filter.

If you have allergies that are accompanied by nasal swelling, then you may be at risk of forming polyps at some point in your future. Polyps may need to be surgically removed, and you can avoid their formation by eating healthy fats and by avoiding allergens properly. See professionals at places like MyAllergyDrops.com for more ideas.


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