Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

Relocating Out Of The Country When You're Part Of The "Sandwich" Generation

Edward Payne

It's rarely easy having to move overseas for an employment opportunity. But it can be especially difficult if you happen to be part of the "sandwich" generation and the main caretaker for your elderly parents. Not only will you have to worry about how your children will deal with the upcoming move, but also how it will affect your parents. As you set about preparing for this big career opportunity and move, here are a few tips that can help everyone adjust to this big change.

Your Child's Education

Your children's education is very important. Fortunately, there are quality American schools available in many foreign countries. A list of some of these can be found on the United States Department of State's Office of Overseas Schools' website. These schools, which are provided assistance by the U.S. Department of State, offer an American-based curriculum. If there aren't any of these schools in the area you are moving to, you might consider looking into the following:

  • Home schooling. Fortunately, there are many tools available on the Internet today for home schooling parents, including access to online teachers. 
  • Private schools. Consult with the human resources department of your employer to see if they know of any private schools available in the location you will be moving to. 
  • International schools. In many countries, the quality of the education is similar to that your child will receive in the United States. Check with expats living in the area you are planning to move to get their opinion of the quality of the local educational system. 

Finding Your Parents a New Place to Live

If your parents are currently living with you or are very dependent upon you and your family, you may need to figure out new living arrangements for them. More than likely, your aged parents will not want to pick up and move with your family to another country. In addition, you will probably not want your elderly parents with you if you have to move to a politically unstable or to a third-world country with poor health and sanitation infrastructure. For your parents, you might want to consider:

  • Letting them stay and take care of your current home. While this may be ideal, it may not work in all situations. For example, if your parents are older and you own a big house that requires mowing in the summer and snow shoveling in the winter, having them stay in your house may not work out. 
  • Moving them into senior housing. Independent senior housing can be a great way for your parents to transition from living with you or being dependent on you to being on their own. These facilities typically offer transportation services to local grocery stores and physicians, onsite activities, fitness gyms and dining options. An independent senior living facility can be an especially good choice if your parent is widowed as it gives them an opportunity to meet other seniors.
  • Asking a sibling to take your parents in while you are out of the country.

Your House

Should you rent out or sell your current house? A lot will depend on how long you think you will be out of the country. If you are on a short-term assignment -- one that will only last two to three years -- you may want to keep your house and rent it out. On the other hand, if you have no idea how long you will be out of the country or believe the move may be permanent, selling your house may make the most sense. 

Moving out of the country can be logistically challenging, but -- in the end -- it can also be very rewarding. Your family will get to experience new cultures and discover new places. 


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