Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

Understanding The Value Of Online Personal Training

There Is An HIV Prevention Pill Available

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HIV causes AIDS which interferes with the ability to fight infections. A person must first contract HIV in order to be at risk of developing AIDS. HIV can be transmitted when a person comes in contact with the blood, semen, or vaginal fluids of another person who has HIV or AIDS. While there is no cure for AIDS, there is a therapy to help slow the progression of the disease and significantly prolong the life of someone with the illness. There are also preventative pills available that can help to significantly decrease the chances of a person contracting HIV from someone. Here is more info on the HIV prevention pill and some examples of reasons someone should consider taking it:

The pill is a daily pill

The HIV prevention pill is a daily pill. In order for it to decrease a person's chances of getting HIV, they should make sure they don't miss doses. However, an occasional skipped dose isn't too big of a concern since the medication will already be in their system. However, when starting on the pill, it will need to be taken a certain number of days in a row before the person will receive the necessary level of protection. 

The pill is a good idea for anyone at a higher risk of HIV exposure

Anyone who is at a higher risk of being exposed to HIV should consider getting on the pill. There are a lot of different factors that would put someone in a higher risk category. 

Casual sex

Anyone who has casual sex with people they don't know the sexual history of is putting themselves at a higher risk of being exposed to HIV. Someone who occasionally has sex with casual partners should consider protecting themselves by taking the pill. 

Untrustworthy spouse

Someone who doesn't feel as if their spouse is benign faithful to them could be at a higher risk of being exposed. Since they don't know what their spouse is up to and whether they are sleeping with other people, it is a good idea to start taking the pill if they are going to be continuing to be intimate with their spouse. 

Higher-risk job

Anyone who works in a field where there is a higher chance of them coming into direct contact with blood should think about taking the HIV prevention pill. 


The fact that there is a pill that can help to decrease a person's risk of contracting HIV is great news. However, it can only be beneficial if a person actually starts taking it. If you feel you are at a higher risk of being exposed to HIV, then you should seriously consider getting started on the pill.


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